School of Sew gets Crafty



apron-cup-cakes      apron-diggers             apron-french-cakes




dribble-bib-down-on-the-farm    dribble-bib-pink-stars     dribble-bib-orange

duffle-bags        duffle-bag-farmyard

notice-board   baby-ribbon-toy


School of Sew have been busy making this beautiful collection of handmade gifts, which we are selling at various upcoming events over the next few months.

School of Sew is proud to announce our sponsorship of a student embarking on an Expedition to Peru through Camps International.

Further information regarding the expedition can be found at the link below

This is just one of the projects Camps International is involved in

School Feeding Project (Moray)

The community of Kajilarakay is extremely poor with no basic sanitation or sewerage and a lack of adequate drinking water. There is also a shortage of crops leading to malnutrition. You’ll help us by working on the school kitchen and greenhouse to provide a hygienic place to prepare meals and boosting the nutrition of each meal.

Our first event is a Mother’s Day Craft Fair which is to be held at Guiseley Theatre on Sunday 12th March 12.00pm to 3.00pm we would love to see you there.