Introduction to Rag Rugging – Sunday 7th June 10am – 4pm £75

Our full day workshops are designed to give you all the skills you need to be able to start any rag rug project for yourself at home. With plenty of 1-2-1 help throughout the day you will learn how to use the rag rug equipment, how to work with the hessian, how to choose and prepare materials, how to design for rag rug, how to do the two different types of rag rugging (loopy and shaggy) and how to finish your work. During the session you will get the opportunity to begin a rug, cushion or smaller project (depending on how ambitious you’re feeling). We ask that you bring a packed lunch with you but all the rag rug materials are provided on the day. You even get a latch hook to take home with you!

Helping the Planet – rag rugging uses up old clothing that might otherwise end up in landfill or shipped abroad. We’d much rather give that clothing a second life as a rug or cushion. Long live upcycling!

The Chameleon of Crafts – when you think of rag rugging, it’s hard to think of anything other than rugs, rugs and more rugs. Well rag rugging has changed a lot over the years – nowadays it’s a textile art that can be used across a whole spectrum of projects. We’ve rag rugged anything that will stay still long enough… cushions, draft excluders, tissue boxes… you name it, we’ve probably tried it!

Easy to Learn – rag rugging is a very forgiving craft that is simple to learn and hard to forget. The tools are inexpensive and finding fabric is as simple as clearing out your wardrobe. Don’t believe us? Join us for one of our workshops or pick up a kit and you’ll soon be convinced.